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6. Kuugen Tenko Out of Wagaya zero Oinari-sama

6. Kuugen Tenko Out of Wagaya zero Oinari-sama

7. Yuzu Away from Konohana Kitan

The new protagonist away from Konohana Kitan, a simple and you may loving lady exactly who adores all those as much as their with her pure heart, Yuzu.

She has a shining character since the that a protagonist having this lady naive nature about the processes of your own metropolitan world. She actually is an earlier lady which have honey dewed brown attention and you can light blond locks.

The woman pink kimono towards the quite absolutely nothing plants will fade your heart. The woman clumsy and naive character increases this new morale of all of the people.

The woman is extremely gorgeous, this lady blue-eyes and luxurious blonde hair along with her puffing gorgeous muscles along with her black colored-tipped foxy ears are sure to arouse plenty of people.

5. Shiro Of Sewayaki Kitsune zero Senko-san

From one of the best Kitsune anime, Shiro and/or “silver fox” is actually good 900-year-dated silver-haired demigod away from Kitsune Paradise. She has shining attention and you may wears a lengthy light kimono that have a crescent moonlight inside.

At first, she’s conceited for the main character, Kuroto, and you will thinks he is going to be the girl servant but since the anime progresses she gets family that have Kuroto and you can Senko.

cuatro. Zakuro Off Otome Youkai Zakuro

Zakuro, the new 1 / 2 of-devil vixen is the main protagonist of one’s titular show, “Otome Youkai Zakuro”. Continue reading 6. Kuugen Tenko Out of Wagaya zero Oinari-sama